Commercial Go Getter

(Fulltime, Amsterdam)

Life is fun. So should be your vitamins.

Stop reading this and go to your kitchen cabinet. Go ahead, we’ll wait… So? How many vitamins do you see in there that you don’t take? What a pity! Two years ago we set out to change this. We want to ensure that taking vitamins becomes easy, fun and tasty! In the US you can find vitamin gummies in every household, now let’s bring gummies to Europe!

Yummygums proves that working on a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be annoying or boring. No more big, fat pills, but all the vitamins you are looking for in a tasty gummy! Yummygums is shaking up the dusty old-fashioned vitamin world with a new way to take your vitamins- Fun, young and delicious! Yummygums are vegan, made with natural ingredients and sold through our own webshop, marketplaces and (online) resellers. But we don’t just sell vitamin gummies – we are building a brand from scratch. Let’s make vitamins fun again!

Life is fun. So should be your work.

You’re fun to work with. You seek freedom and take responsibility. You want to have a kick, day in – day out. You are a true hunter and can prove that with a lot of commercial success stories. If you want to join our team and be the first dedicated sales person ever (next to us founders), you need to have an indestructible commercial drive. You are resourceful and you always stay true to yourself. Those qualities make you the best B-to-B sales person out there. You love walking into a room and start talking to different people, networking is fun for you! You easily connect with (small) retailers, hairdressers or let’s say ‘mommy’ pregnancy yoga gyms.
Not only sales challenges you, you also like to onboard and build strong relationships using all the digital tools we have to offer you. We want you to think ahead and not just sell to hit a target. Plan, investigate and make it work. We don’t think in limitations, we think in opportunities. And last but not least, maybe you will set-up a small team in the future. It’s all up to you and your ambitions.

Short and Sweet: you are not averse to getting your hands dirty, growing Yummygums, while being conscious of the brand we are building together.

Life is fun. Be your own boss.

You are ready for the next step in your career and you want to take up more responsibility. You don’t like to be micromanaged and you want to be your own boss. You want to be creative, bold and out there. You will bring your experience to the fast growing environment of online, omni-channel and D2C. You are creative but you work in a structured way; you like planning, executing and measuring what you do. That’s the way we work.

We believe that work is part of life and that it should be fun! That is why we stand for a good salary, no short-term commision. We don’t want you to stress about rent, but we want you to be able to go out for dinner (after Corona), we want you to be the best version of yourself. That’s why we believe in being in a good employer and that starts with trust, fun and freedom.

If you are that commercial team player we are looking for, please surprise us with your application at Prefer to try our gummies first? No problem! Send us your address and we’ll send some goodness your way!