Werken bij Yummygums - het vitaminesnoepje in een handig vitamine abonnement

Life is fun. So should be your work.

Stop reading this and go to your kitchen cabinet. Go ahead, we’ll wait… So? How many vitamins do you see in there that you don’t take? What a pity! Yummygums proves that working on a healthy lifestyle and taking vitamins doesn’t have to be nasty or boring. No more big, fat pills, but all the vitamins you are looking for in a tasty gummy! Yummygums is shaking up the dusty old-fashioned vitamin world with a new way to take your vitamins- Fun, young and delicious! Our Yummygums are vegan, made with natural ingredients and sold through our own webshop, marketplaces and (online) resellers. But we don’t just sell vitamin gummies – we are building a brand from scratch. Let’s make vitamins fun again!

We don’t believe in micromanagement. We want you to be creative, be bold and be out there. We will provide you with everything you need, so you can be that person. That’s why we believe in being a good employer and that starts with trust, fun and freedom. Does this resonate with you? Take a look at our vacancies and apply now!

Our latest job opportunities: 3

  • Growing brand awareness so every consumer will have Yummygums top of mind.
  • You smile when a recurring customer purchases his third batch of vitamins and leaves a good recommendation
  • You thrive when your team members grow. That’s what makes you proud.
  • Scaling online sales, using online and offline promotion; everything to get the job done
  • Challenge the founders Ruben & Frank as their newest MT member

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Kom ons helpen met de uitvoering van onze business strategie en groei ambities!

  • Meeloopstage vanaf januari/februari 2021 voor 5 tot 6 maanden.
  • Assisteren bij het opzetten en optimaliseren van e-commerce platforms
  • Oplossingen vinden voor innovatie & groei met een visie op de toekomst.
  • Ondersteuning op alle andere bedrijfsgebieden (bijv. Logistiek, marketing, beheer van distributeurs, acquisitie en bedrijfsontwikkeling)
  • Stagevergoeding van €350 per maand met dagelijks een heerlijke lunch.

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Ontwikkel je creativiteit en vergroot onze online presence!

  • Meeloopstage vanaf januari/februari 2021 voor 5 tot 6 maanden.
  • Content creatie plannen en maken voor onze social kanalen.
  • Opzetten en invullen van influencer samenwerkingen.
  • Bedenken en uitwerken van online campagnes en advertenties.
  • Stagevergoeding van €350 per maand met dagelijks een heerlijke lunch.

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Werken bij Yummygums - vitamine voor je haar, huid en nagels

We are Yummygums.
Our story

We were tired of all the boring vitamins that were out there. We were working hard on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but taking our daily vitamins was a burden. During a vacation in the US we discovered that vitamins can be yummy. Vitamins that look like a gummy, taste like a gummy, give you the feeling you are eating something ‘sweet’, but also give you all the needed nutrients. WOW. Why didn’t we have this in Europe?! So, we thought, let’s bring it to Europe. And that’s how Yummygums was founded in 2017. Currently we sell in 600 stores across the Netherlands and we have an online subscription model where you can get all the vitamins you need delivered to your doorstep.